The power of Concinnity Group is certainly that we have both a strong HR knowledge and a Digital Marketing knowledge.

We can help you recruit your required talent from the most of the world.

We pre-agree what you are looking for, we will then create some content – this could be a landing page to tell about the job, a video to tell about the company or the tasks. If you have any recordings, even from a smartphone we will edit it for you – and turn it into a promotion video for your job position.

Then we run ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Ads Network to show it to all qualified people in your area. In this way you can reach people that do not even look for a new job – and this becomes one of the most efficient ways to get the best talent.

The only requirement for doing this is that you have to make the application process simply – as this might be busy people that have a OK job that we need to convince.

We can also offer to pre-interview all relevant candidates so you only get the best on your short list.